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Architecture and Design

While a leading expense in the business for over 30 years, RSG’s team is the company’s greatest asset. The company’s employees, with a solid average tenure, continue to contribute to the business’ ability to stay on the cutting edge of performance and technology. Strong walls, windows, doors and more contribute to the successful day-today operation of airports, hospitals, office buildings, stadiums and more.

While there are window and door experts across the country, even concentrated in the company’s focus regions, RSG is able to stand out from the competition.  RSG’s knack for detail and ability to supply a single-source building envelope really sets us apart.  RSG is always willing to do something new; utilizing the latest technology knowledge, we strive to innovate.

Market Challenges

By building and maintaining relationships, RSG is able to maintain stability even in the most challenging markets. The company has attracted a number of loyal customers and has identified a number of reliable, stable strategic partners to work with along the way.  By keep subbing to a minimum and generally work with local subcontractors only when needed.  RSG will do whatever it takes to complete a project correctly and efficiently.   As the market continues to change, the team continues to seek out new opportunities, with a promising future for growth on the East Coast. Always up for a challenge, Ranger Specialized Glass maintains a leading position in the fenestration market in a number of growing regions.


Project Management

Project management makes up a large portion of the business, and RSG’s in-house superintendents guarantee safety and success on each site. RSG offers three decades of experience and innovation, ensuring the expertise necessary to excel on even the most complicated projects. With partnerships long established with leading, preferred suppliers, the business has access to a wide range of parts and materials to turn designs into reality.

The team has a number of interesting projects on backlog now; however, that has not always been the case. The last five years we have experienced large growth.  Insurance and payroll are our biggest expenses. Materials are expensive, as well, but those are incorporated into each bid.  RSG is seeing some subtle positive changes, but there are still challenges ahead. RSG stays on the same road, carefully managing internally. Virginia is exploding with business, so that is a reliable market for us over the next few years. People are spending more money, which is a good sign.